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WordPress: The Ultimate Guide to Elementor Template Kits

by Gpl Digital in How To on July 18, 2021

What is an Elementor Template Kit?

An Elementor template kit is a unique collection of pre-designed Elementor templates that share a similar design and visual style and used for designing & developing WordPress websites.

Template Kits can include a range of templates for all kinds of things including home pages, contact pages, headers, footers, staff profiles, pop-ups, sections, products and much more.

Template Kits can be used to quickly build a beautiful website with WordPress, they can be focused on one style or one niche/industry.

What’s the difference between an Elementor Template Kit and a Theme.

An Elementor Template Kit is simply focused on building individual pages of a WordPress website. Kits contain flexible templates designs allowing a website creator to mix and match different layouts and visual designs for their project.  A WordPress theme, however, can contain lots of features and complex functionality – like booking systems, bespoke page builders, rigid page layouts as well as one or more complete website demos.

What are the benefits of using Template Kits over themes?

  • Templates kits are very flexible.
    • The biggest advantage template kits have over themes is the sheer amount of flexibility. Since all Template Kits are based on Elementor Plugin as the page builder, it’s very easy to mix and match different layouts and visual designs from different template kits until you achieve your desired look.  You can play around with as many designs layouts as possible until get the right look for YOU or your client.
  • Template kits are lighter than themes.
    • Most WordPress themes come loaded with lots of plugins & add-ons to make them work properly. This means anytime someone visits your website, all those files & functions have to be loaded to be displayed and this makes the website a bit slow. On the other hand, if you are using Elementor’s default Hello theme + any template kit, then your website is going to be blazing fast. Like really, really fast.
  • Beginner-friendly
    • Most of the modern sleek designs for WordPress are very costly and sometimes require a few technical skills to customize to your needs. And even if you buy a theme, you may still need to hire a developer to customize it for you or fix bugs. Templates kits solve that problem for you and now you can create a complete website all by yourself without anything about coding. And the best part is that you see the changes you make as they happen.
  • Template kits work with most themes.
    • You can use template kits on top of your current WordPress theme. If you already have a theme on your current website that is compatible with elementor, then you can use template kits to spruce up your design and make all pages look neat and modern.

How to Install/Import an Elementor Template Kit

1. From the WordPress Admin dashboard, install & activate the Template Kit Import plugin.


  1. Once the plugin is activated, go to Tools > Template Kit


3. Click on Upload Template Kit ZIP file to browse to your zip file and import.



4. Your Template Kit preview will appear.

If your kit requires additional settings, addons or plugins to work properly, you’ll also see an orange banner that says “Install Requirements” as shown above. Click on it if you want all your templates to look like in the demo. A popup will appear as shown below listing the plugins your kit needs to be installed or activated.



5. Now you may begin importing your templates kits by clicking the Import Template button on the desired template.



    • Avoid clicking too many at once. Your browser can typically only handle up to 3-4 at a time.


When to use template kits instead of themes

If you are building a website for any kind of business, corporate, news, shop, or any kind of personal portfolio, template kits will serve you much better. However, it is very important to note that template kits may not be the best option for you all the time. For example, if you are building a website with very complex functionality like directory listings, travel bookings, online classes, or anything that requires login & sign-ups, your best bet is to use themes or find a plugin that has that functionality.


Read to try for yourself?  Get some Premium Kits and give it a go.

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