Frequently Asked Questions

We love Elementor & we think it’s currently the best WordPress page builder out there . Over time we have purchased a lot of templates, themes & plugins from various sources to use for our own client projects. We thought it’d be good to share the same clean and untouched files with those who can’t afford the original prices e.g. students, low income earners or the young entrepreneurs.

Your membership subscription is simply to give you access to the “Library”.  Most of these products don’t have a way of testing product before buying. Once you subscribe to our club, you can get them, test them and decide if a certain theme or plugin meets your needs before committing. If you can afford the full prices, we always encourage that you buy them from original creators. That way you will also get support.

If you are just getting started on learning WordPress or even Elementor, we have put together a handy guide for you to understand how & when to use template kits instead of themes. See the Ultimate guide to using Elementor template Kits.

The short answer is yes, you can make a request. However, the request may or may not be granted as it is not always possible. Therefore we cannot give you our word that we’ll be able to make it work all the time, every time. We will count the number of requests for a certain theme or plugin and decide to add it.

You can rest assured that we did not/will not tamper with any of these files. They’re all as clean as they come. You can run them through any and all antivirus and anti-malware software you can think of if you’re still unsure. Naturally, some items like the Elementor Pro and other add-ons may not work fully without activation license and we can safely activate it for you through our Expert license, if you purchased an annual membership.

If you are having a minor issue with one of the items you downloaded, you can get in touch with us and will be happy to take a look. Technical support is however NOT included in the subscription price.

If you require specialized technical support regarding the files or the Plugin then you will need to either purchase the product directly from the author (a link is provided) or you will need to hire a freelance DEVELOPER to take a look for you.